You want a fast return on your investment, no matter how you spend your marketing budget, but what if you could make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars just from social media posts (within a matter of months)?

Sound impossible?

It’s 100% doable.

It’s why Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make BILLIONS in ad revenue. People wouldn’t pay for social media reach if it wasn’t delivering.

Facebook alone has over 1 billion active monthly users.

YouTube has 1.5 billion active monthly users.

WeChat has 899 million.

Instagram has 700 million.

Twitter gets 328 million.

That’s a massive audience, even if you manage to capture just .5 percent of it.

There are dozens of brands that are using social media to absolutely blow up their revenue streams, too.

Let’s look at just one start-up to bring this point home.

A Start-Up Makes It Rain

Uwheels has become all the rage, mostly due to social media marketing. It helped that the owner, Dan Fleyshman’s girlfriend knew a lot of celebrities.

If you look at some of their Instagram posts, you’ll start to understand how they used social media to grow a start-up into a million-dollar business, in less than a year.

Here’s a pic with a celebrity riding a Uwheels at a Pre-Emmy’s Gala that was all over Instagram and the Internet.

Uwheels being ptomoted by celebrity influencers. Image: AMBMagazine

How about a YouTube video with a cute girl tooling around on her purple Uwheels.

Here’s even a priest riding a Uwheels hoverboard as can be seen from this Facebook video:


Posted by UWheels on Sunday, December 27, 2015

They pulled off an effective media blitz by saturating social media with people riding Uwheels – a product that isn’t unique, and with plenty of competition. There are dozens of hoverboards on the market.

The shocker is that the company raked in more than $23,000 in daily sales for their product by utilizing an effective social media campaign and targeting influencers.

Massive orders started flooding in after an effective social media campaign.

Image: Quicksprout

Jessica Killings, the girlfriend we mentioned earlier, recruited a bunch of famous singers, rappers, and athletes to promote the hoverboard on Instagram by promising to pay for those posts, or by offering free product, but she also did a few things that you can replicate which made this social media campaign so successful:

  1. She used multiple micro-influencers to get the word out about their product. Micro-influencers will be more important to your social media campaign than high-visibility celebrities, and they are more affordable.

Medium states, “HelloSociety, which was acquired last year by the New York Times, has found that “micro”-influencers, or accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers, are more beneficial for marketers to work with.”

Ecommerce companies trust micro-influencers because they have already built a relationship with their communities.

They also happen to be:

  • 6 times cheaper than influencers with more than 100,000 followers.
  • Get 60% more engagement from their community.
  • Drive social buzz by at least 22% or more.

Microinfluencers are creative, and personally involved in what they do, which has now become invaluable.

As Malcolm Goldwell says, “There are people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.”

  1. Jessica also didn’t practice trickle marketing. She made the Uwheels product omnipresent. On every social media site, there were hundreds of people talking about Uwheels at the same time within a short time-frame.
  2. The specific message used helped to distinguish Uwheels from its competitors. She was specific when directing her influencers and told them to push the Bluetooth speaker system and glowing underbody. This helped to make their product distinguishable from others.
  3. After the products’ launch, she kept the SM posts going. She got the product into people’s minds, and then wouldn’t let it fade from their attention by continuing to post about it.
  4. In addition to leveraging celebrity social media accounts, she asked friends to post on Instagram and other sites. She paid them directly, per click, avoiding the higher pay-per-click rates of some social media platforms. Since some of her friends had over a million Facebook fans with high engagement but without monetizing their pages, this was particularly effective.

But I Don’t Know Any Famous People!

You don’t have to be personal friends with the Bieber to launch a successful social media campaign. Image: Rebel Circus

If you don’t happen to know a bunch of celebrity singers, comedians, or athletes, no worries. You can still tap into the influencer market, and perhaps do even better than Uwheels did to promote your product or service.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Look at Famous Blogs Within Your Niche. Some of them will be too big to give them the time of day, but if your site is even getting 10,000 views a month and you are willing to cross promote, they may be willing to work with you. Reach out and ask how you can promote with them.
  • Use Buzzsumo to Find Viral, Slightly Aged Posts. Buzzsumo is priceless for finding trending content. Check out top postings, then reach out to the writer. It’s free. You just type in any topic and it will show you posts that were highly viewed on that subject in the past week.
  • Grow Your Own Channels. You can try Tweepi, an AI platform that monitors the Twitterverse for active users based on your account setup, and selects users with the highest probability of engaging with your brand.
  • Use to Help Find Micro-Influencers for Your Brand. This service allows you to hand pick micro-influencers to help promote a product with very specific demographic coverage.
  • Cash in on Instagram Stories. 300 million people are using Instagram Stories every day and this single platform is helping to launch start-up businesses. Set up a business account, create a few brand-specific short-form videos, and launch with hashtags. Live Stories get the most traction of all.
  • Rock WeChat Moments. WeChat offers an advertising platform where you can promote your brand that mimics Facebook ads appearing on someone’s timeline. Because WeChat is owned by the Chinese company, TenCent, you have to be willing to spend at least $1500 on advertising if you are a “foreign” (non-Chinese) company.
  • Mention Influencers in Your Blog and Social Media Posts. Mention influential people in your website copy and social media posts and then reach out to them and share. They are more likely to repost or reTweet if they are mentioned in an article or social media snippet.
  • Post on Youtube, and Vimeo, but Embed Videos on Your Own Site. Video reach is one of the most effective ways to gain market share, increase brand awareness and make people feel comfortable enough to engage with your brand. By 2020, 80% of social media engagement will be video driven. Whenever possible put a human face on your product or service. When you embed videos on your site, it also makes it more likely that they’ll be shared via social media.

Summing it Up

The best way to launch any new product or service in a paid marketing campaign is with micro-influencers and social media. This is a billion- dollar industry with the opportunity to make millions.

Up your social media game, and you will compete with companies that have 10 times your marketing budget. By using the tools mentioned here, your company can be omnipresent in the all-important social sphere, and rocket your brand to success.


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