Siteground-ReviewWhat is Siteground? How Siteground Started?

The cool thing about siteground hosting is that it was started by some college kids who believe that a good product can only come out of a good workplace. Employees actually like each other and where they work at That’s a big plus in today’s marketplace, and its reflected in the product.

Siteground Hosting: Pros and Cons

The Pros

· Extremely fast website loading speed
· 99.99% website uptime
· Friendly and knowledgeable support with extra miles of help
· Suprcacher, free CloudFlare CDN, Account Isolation
· WordPress Centered Hosting
· Better security and protection, Hackalert
· Four Data Locations

The Cons:

· Though Siteground offers more quality features, the cost of the high-end plan is a little pricey compared with its competitors.

· The only con I have found so far in using Siteground Gogeek Plan is that the cost is relatively higher than other hosting providers. However, I am not concerned about the price. While it does cost a few dollars more per month, you always get what you pay for: a faster, safer, better hosting environment packed with features for your websites.

Siteground Hosting: The Absolute Best Part of Siteground: Extra Security

Do you really want to put a gazillion hours of time and effort on your site in the hands of a rogue derelict who can take it all down in seconds?

Just about any site with decent traffic has to worry about malware and hacking these days. Siteground’s HackAlert and Malware Monitoring adds another layer of security to your site. Though these are an add-on under the GoGeek plan, it’s cheap and well worth it.

If your information is stolen, it could cost you thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, the GoGeek plan for a few extra bucks a month is like life insurance for your business.

You’re alerted immediately if there is any suspicion of hacking attempts so you can do something about it right away

Siteground pricing: What’s the Cost for All of This? Siteground-Pricing

Siteground wordpress hosting is incredibly affordable (Of course Cpanel Included). It’s kind of shocking what their price point is when you compare it to other hosting services on the market.

Pricing depends on what features you want, but even the most expensive plan, at $11.95 a month (the GoGeek plan) is feature loaded and is comparable to their competitor’s.

They have 30-day money back guarantee. if you are not satisfied with their hosting, you can always get your money back. This is a standard practice of hosting companies.

Here’s how it all breaks down: Sitegound Features

The Start-Up Plan: Good for sites with less than 10k visitors a month, this hosting plan has just the essentials to get you up and running. It costs $3.95 a month and gives you 10 GB of web space. You get only one level of “super cacher” which makes your site load faster.

The Start-Up Plan is only suitable for total beginners who have one site to play with, and require few features and resources. Most people will find the GrowBig plan is a better option for their needs. It offers the best price with considerable premium features, and you can host multiple websites with this plan, too.

You don’t get free back-up restore on demand. You also don’t get site free migration if you are planning to move a site from another host to Siteground, but it is loaded with other features like:

– Drag and Drop Builder
– Siteground Cpanel
– Free CMS Install
– Free Email Accounts
– Unlimited MySQL Database
– Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains
– Servers on 3 Different Continents
– Hardware Redundancy
– LXC-based stability
– Unique Account Isolation
– Faster Server Monitoring
– SPAM protection
– Updates and Patches
– 24/7 Customer Support
– Free Shopping Cart Install
– Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
– Multiple PHP Versions
– Perl and Python Support
– Free SSH and SFTP Access
– My SQL Database
– FTP Accounts
– A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To get even more features, like upgraded security, staging, site transfer, PCI compliant servers, priority customer service, free backups on demand, and more web storage, you have to pay for either the GrowBig Plan at $5.95 a month or the Siteground GoGeek Plan at $11.95 a month.

If you are planning to start an e-Commerce store, I recommend you purchase the GoGeek plan. An e-commerce store generally demands more resources than a simple blog or a business website, and heck you may as well pay a few extra dollars for a reliable service so that you don’t have to go through hell when something goes wrong – because no matter how good your hosting service is, something will always go wrong.

That being established, you get what you pay for with Siteground. Even with the cheapest plan, Siteground offers more features, security and customer care than others.

My favorite, of course would be the GoGeek plan. You will have everything you need to grow your online business without worrying about resource-wise issues, unless your business turns into an empire.

I suggest you subscribe to this plan if you have more than 5 websites, or you are running an e-commerce store. Otherwise, GrowBig could be your best choice in terms of price and features.

You may check a detailed comparison chart on their three shared plans here: Siteground Shared hosting

What’s Siteground Customer Support Like?

This is where Siteground support will win your business. Their customer support is 24/7 and their customer service reps actually know what they are doing.

Astoundingly they process 1800+ tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 2500+ chat requests per day. That sounds like a hell of a lot of work, but they manage to stay on top of it.

They promise ticket first response in around 10 minutes, instant response on Livechat and phone contact.

There are actual humans that help you troubleshoot, not just bots referring you to a long list of FAQs.Siteground-Support-Rep

It’s incredibly refreshing to see an agent’s profile with their technical background, interests, and specific area of expertise listed along with their years of experience all there for you to see when you contact them via Livechat. Knowing you’re talking to a real person with some mad skills and not a cyborg puts you at ease right away.

All the responses you get on Livechat are professional and address the problem you present. As in, they answer in full, coherent sentences. No “yes,” or “no” answers, or short phrases that leave you scratching your head.

I researched to find out why their customer support is top-notch and I found out that they don’t hire a bunch of people at once. Of 100 people invited to interview, only 5 actually get hired. Then they receive four solid months of training. All of their reps are in-house people.

They don’t outsource customer service just to save a few bucks. And you can totally tell. Nothing replaces an in-house, well-trained, hand-picked team.

Based on Siteground’s customer service alone, you’re likely to end up being a lifelong customer.

A Few Reasons You Need Siteground

Using the SSDs for storage is quite an industry standard feature for web hosting providers now.

There are still some providers who don’t offer SSD Hard drives for their shared plans-namely, Hostgator and Godaddy, but there are probably more.

If you don’t know what SSD is, I’ll will explain it in one sentence:

We won’t bother you with the geeky details of how SSDs outperform HDDs. You don’t need to pass an engineering exam, so save yourself some time reading a boring explanation.

Always opt in for web hosting providers who offer SSD hosting when the price is not too much different.

SSDs are far more expensive to use than HDDs, but it’s the web hosting providers’ problem, not ours:)

CloudFlare CDN

Siteground offers free CloudFlare CDN along with a paid version. To be honest, you get CloudFlare CDN for free no matter what hosting providers you choose as long as you know how to make a simple change with your authoritative DNS.

Siteground just makes the simple integration for you, and offers a unified management on your dashboard. You only need the free version if your sites have a few pages and images. You can use another third-party storage to host your images for an even better fast load and consume less resources of your server.

Dropbox and Amazon S3 would be your best two choices.

What is CDN exactly? Let me put that in one sentence again:

I might be making it too simple, but you get the gist.

Basically, it copies your content and sends it to the multiple servers they have. When a request is being made, it calculates the nearest distance between the requester and server, and delivers the content based on those calculations.

What benefit can you get from CloudFlare CDN?

Again, people don’t really care how things work, but do care what results they will get. CloudFlare CDN could speed up your website even more, and distribute your web traffic to multiple servers instead of your hosting server. If you get tons of traffic from a viral post in a blink, it will likely save your website from a crash and an “abuse report” from your hosting provider.

So why not use it when Siteground offers it for just a click?

One-Click Installer

One-click installer is a great feature for WordPress beginners if you don’t want to learn how to use FTP, database, and how to install WordPress yourself.

We don’t personally use this feature since I install WordPress manually. I have installed more than a hundred WordPress websites, so I probably can do it in five minutes or less.


Another great feature is “auto” WordPress management. It is actually a click on your WordPress dashboard. But if you are managing a lot of WordPress websites, this feature is going to save you some time instead of updating them one by one.

One tip I would like to share with you is that I don’t update WordPress immediately when the new version rolls out. I normally wait for few days for some plugins’ updates or to confirm that the new version will not cause issues with existing plugins.

Most of the time it will not unless it’s a major update that alters some fundamental way of coding.

I may be over-discreet on updates, but it’s better to be careful just in case any unexpected things happen.

WordPress Staging

If you are a developer who loves to mess around with WordPress codes. This is probably your dream feature.

How Siteground Staging Works

Miss our one-sentence explanation? Here you are:

A long sentence but still only one. 😉

WordPress Staging also eliminates the fuss when you upload your development site from your local computer to your server. The environment change may cause unexpected issues. I bet you have been through this if you are a website developer.

WP-CLI Enabled & Git Pre-installed

These two features are truly for professional developers. I don’t use them because they are way beyond the scope of blogging.

Another feature I really love is that they include a resource monitor right on your cPanel dashboard.

It gives you a clear vision of your current server load, and a better insight into when you need to upgrade your plan.

Summing it Up

You’ve probably read mixed reviews about Siteground. All hosting providers have tons of bad and good reviews. It is kind of picking a “not-too-bad” one from among the horrible ones.

No, Siteground isn’t up 100% of the time, but no webhost can offer that. It’s up 99% of the time though, and even though it’s shared hosting, you get lightning speed page load.

Siteground’s performance has exceeded my expectations for a shared hosting plan. It is fast and reliable and I actually can’t tell that we’re using a shared plan or an entry-level VPS.

Once you install Siteground Supercacher if you opt for the higher level plans you pages will load even faster.

Siteground offers premium features that other hosting providers don’t offer for shared plans, but it does come at a price.

If you’ve just started your adventure online, pick either the Startup or GrowBig plan. If you are like me, and have some background in making a living online, or you don’t care about spending few more dollars for a feature-rich plan, go for GoGeek.

As I briefly mentioned, if you are launching an e-commerce store but don’t yet want to pay for a premium VPS or dedicated server, GoGeek is the best choice in terms of resources and features for an e-commerce site.

Even if you aren’t about shared hosting, you should give Siteground a try. You’ll be a convert. I know it.

Do I believe Siteground is the best choice for shared hosting? Sure. Do I believe they will be the best choice ever after? Probably.

We promise you that if Siteground ever fails us in the future, I’ll slap myself (Ouch!), and update you as soon as possible.



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