So 2018 has been disposed into the garbage bins of history – gone! The calendars have flipped, and here we are in 2019. With the waning festivities of the Yuletide, we are gradually awakening to the realities 2019 presents.

Marketers would be rightly anxious what patterns would dominate 2019 – which trends will set 2019 on fire. Well, let us peep into the future and examine some possibilities that will likely revolutionize marketing this year.



Since the last ten years, content has always been king and content wouldn’t be losing its kingship either in 2019, it will remain king. Content will retain its place as the foundation of all digital transformation in marketing in 2019.

Content remains the primary bridge between brand and customer, the basis of the symbiotic relationship where a business exchanges value for customer loyalty. No customer is going to care for your brand if your content doesn’t care for them. Selling would only be the offspring of consolidated relationships founded on value-adding content.

Therefore let us examine the major trends that will rampage content marketing in 2019

You will be lost in 2019 without a strategic content marketing plan

If 2018 was lenient for you a marketer without a concrete marketing strategy, 2019 is going to be even savagely brute. You dare not allow the wind to swing your content marketing in 2019 haphazardly.

It would be best if you had a well-structured content marketing map to navigate through the year in the face of more ferocious competition. This well laid out content marketing plan would incorporate your marketing goals and the strategic path to their attainment. Smart marketers are already fathoming how they would rekindle the love affair with their customers by spicing up their content calendar for the year.

If you just recklessly dumped “malnourished” content on your blog and social media outlets in 2018, 2019 would be less forgiving, and your customers will furiously divorce you. Yes, your customers will be less generous with their time in 2019.

Voice Control and Search will permeate 2019

It is normal that your customers are getting lazier so don’t even risk stressing them further. This is why you should energetically explore the extremes of innovation. Therefore 2019 will see the increased adoption of voice control and search even in content marketing.

Rather than typing keywords into Google searches, your customers could be thinking about easily voicing them as we have with Amazon’s Echo. Voice search will aggressively revolutionize content marketing in 2019. Customers want to enjoy the royalty of voicing their online queries not laboriously typing them. Therefore you be thinking of optimizing your content around voice search as well in 2019.

You will be aiming at not only what keywords your customers are typing in their keyboard, but also what they would seek via voice search queries. Of course, the mobile responsiveness of your website has a huge role to play in this.


2019 will be the year where originality and relevance pay more 

Possibly in 2018, your content was starved of originality and relevance, don’t dare it in 2019; there would be less leniency. There will be a significant leap in the taste and impatience of customers in 2019. They want to be delectably fed with original and valuable content. This year more long-form content extravagantly lavished with information will win.

So if you thrived in recycling and regurgitating shallow content in 2018, you can be sure 2019 will send you packing out of business. 2019 will reward creativity, don’t just think outside the box, think miles far outside the box and bring something new to the table. Should you lack ideas and creative energy, you need to invest in a writer or an agency. In 2019, your audience will no get satisfied with meager spoonful of value; they want satisfactory mouthfuls of value. Therefore your content has to be massively educative and relevant.

In 2019, your customer will grow a violent distaste for hurried click baits. Customers will not buy when your content is aggressively urging them to unzip their wallet (for purchase) without giving them value in the first place. Your content will need to proffer solutions to their problems. This way your content builds trust in your audience as they are convinced you are not hastily trying to rip them of their dollars — their hard-earned dollars for that matter!


Leverage the amplification of micro-influencers

Sorry in 2019, you may not be able to do it all on your own. You will need some “loudspeakers” so your content can loudly reach more people. This loudness is the amplified marketing of micro-influencers. By influencer marketing, we don’t mean you compulsorily need Cristiano Ronaldo posting shirtless with those amazing abs for your company or products. There are some relatively smaller guys in your precise niche that serve as “marketing evangelists” for your brand spreading your message and content.

While you may not be able to afford the gigantic 8-figure influencer marketing budget of the monstrous likes of Apple and Microsoft, micro-influencers will affordably amplify your content. Don’t ambitiously strive for those mega influencers with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers who could go to war for them, that micro-influencer with say 7k-20k follower base can still get the job impressively done for you.

Sometimes you don’t even get to pay these influencers if you have sustainably built a strong relationship with them. It is not about painfully stalking them to make your content go viral.

Take the time to build win-win relationships, co-create content with them building long-term camaraderie with these micro influencers and they would spoil you with exceeding marketing success.

Also, don’t fall for the lethal charm of influencer agency who miserably spam influencers. They will only hurt the credibility of your brand.


2019 is the year of brands telling more captivating stories with their content

You could say storytelling is not your thing, but in 2019 it certainly has to be your thing as a content marketer. Storytelling makes your audience “feel at home” with your brand. With an enchanting presentation of your brand, storytelling gets your audience all ears attentively learning loads about your products and services.

With storytelling, you humanize your brand allowing your customers to connect with your brand emotionally.  Storytelling helps your brand step out of the stiffening formality that shackles traditional marketing letting the customer feel your brand and bond with the human side of your brand.

What is the story behind your success as well as your brand? Customers are curious. Note that this is not where you should brag about how you saved people who jumped from the Everest. No, no fantastical boasting here. Your audience will like to know via your content how you create your customer experiences, the exciting challenges. These are not some blockbuster Steven Spielberg story, but you should still engage them at least.



Migrating from content marketing trends of 2019, let us look at some of the significant trends that could shape digital marketing in 2019. Digital marketing is a bigger umbrella accommodating PPC, social media, SEO and even content marketing. Digital marketing is dynamic always undergoing spontaneous transmutation with regular incursions of the latest digital technology. So get your seat belt on and let us drive through some of the most remarkable digital marketing trends of 2019.

Video Marketing will boom in 2019

No apologies, if you are not already planning to integrate videos marketing in 2019, you are living in the Stone Age. Video marketing is becoming the “Brad Pitt” of digital marketing –adored, esteemed and incredibly effective as to conversions.

How about we shock you with some tantalizing statistics about video marketing?

These numbers reflect the uncontested paramountcy of the integrating video into your digital marketing strategy this New Year:

52% of consumers confessed that when they watch product videos, they have stronger convictions to buy

72% of businesses are gushing about how video transformed their conversion rate.

70% of consumers admit they at one point shared a brand’s video.

Are you already jumping into the studio to produce a marketing video in the face of the incredulous marketing prowess of video? Wait let us tell you more.

With proliferating video technology, the cost of filming equipment is drastically falling. What more, with your high-quality iPhone camera, for example, you can shoot a powerful, compelling video that holds your audience spellbound forcing them to action. We are not saying you must win an Oscar with your video, it just basically has to be engaging.

Video marketing as we have it today is far more than just YouTube. Digital marketers are enjoying incredible conversions from even live broadcast on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Yes, more marketers are falling head over heels in love with Live Video as it is getting well deployed in consultations and product demos.

Of course, there is growing importance in video SEO as videos (just like in YouTube) majorly have their display in SERP. So video SEO is becoming much more critical. This involves the use of file names, titles, and descriptions.

Also on the swell is 360-degree video content. With this video technology, your videos gain a more interactive edge. Moreover, 360-degree is no NASA rocket science, it is instead effortless. All you do is slide image your preferred direction, left or right via the circular symbol appearing on the top left corner.

 Artificial intelligence will take a central role in digital marketing in 2019

When we hear of artificial intelligence, our mind intuitively drift to some geeky sci-fi Marvel movie. However, we are not talking about IronMan or Captain America here. Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to permeate digital marketing in 2019 as we would see increased adoption of AI in the analysis of customer search patterns as well as general online consumer behavior.

Artificial intelligence ingeniously deploying deep learning will be voluptuously fed with data sourced from the social media activities of customers, automating the process of discerning consumer attitude while still aiding marketers to acquire a larger customer base. The game is already in play as we already have AI already deployed in Facebook messenger bots adorning your customer service with automated discussions.

In the digital cycle, AI will increasingly find applications in engaging in intelligent autonomous conversations with customers offering them tips and information. This trend will dwindle cost while engineering and increased acceleration in customer acquisition.

Borrowing from a Gartner research, by 2020, there will be an aggressive rise in the adoption of artificial intelligence with an astounding 25% of global customer service taking up chatbots. When measured against a paltry 2% adoption we had in 2017, 25% adoption in 2020 will be a magnanimous climb.


Chatbots will become a stakeholder in digital marketing in 2019

We already mentioned Facebook messenger’s audacious chatbots, but it is going to be more than that. Unlike your human personnel, AI industriously and tirelessly interacts with your on-site customers chatting with them via instant messaging all through the day and through the night as well.

Let us garnish this with some statistics. By 2022, chatbots will help save businesses over $8 billion per annum on a yearly basis. Are you cleaning your eyes to check if you correctly read it? Yes, it is a humongous $8 billion. Isn’t this amazing?


For example, Uber is in the front of the pack inventively as its deploys chatbots in interacting with customers. This introducing fascinating seamlessness in hiring cars even on Messenger (Facebook). Via interaction with these chatbots, uber customers can enjoy improved car requests as well as tracking car location while sending friends an anticipated arrival time.

If you are not thinking of leveraging social messaging apps in 2019, think again

Social messaging apps can do more than just sending GIFs to your friends. There is immense and explosive power encased in these apps that marketers will lucratively leverage in 2019. With 1.3 billion active users on Whatsapp every month, as well as an overwhelming 55 billion messages sent daily, marketers are going to set camp in these social messaging apps and milk them of conversion in 2019.

More businesses and marketers will surely jump aboard the swelling bandwagon of those already doing personalized marketing on these apps. With such clusters of potential customers hoarded on WhatsApp and other platforms, marketers will be filling up bullion vans from their marketing on social messaging apps in 2019.

There is more directness and humanization when you interact with customers on these social massaging apps. It is more amorous than the traditionally buttoned-up brand-customer interaction.



Today, the success of a business is almost inextricably linked to the amount of customer info you have. There is such gargantuan volume of customer data in the world today. Statistics amazingly show that by 2020, every single individual on our planet will have 1.7 MB of data amassed about him!

There will be whole scale transformations in 2019 in digital consumer data administration. Let us look at some of the major digital consumer trends that financial marketers should rightly take note of in 2019.

More consumers will ask for more speed in 2019

There has been a long coming gluttony among consumers for speed. This gluttony and insatiateness for speed will even increase in 2019. Just like Amazon and Google are already doing regarding real-time technological capacities, customers will relish increased speed and automation in their real-time customer experience.

Therefore marketers will be increasingly capitalizing on advanced analytics as well as real-time data in customer action anticipation providing the consumer with proactive, personalized services. This massively enhances the overall customer experience as consumers are getting better service and more importantly getting it quicker.

In 2019, marketers will preemptively process recent consumer activity. Sprucing this with their location, marketers will be able to gain more profound insights into customer interests and even predictively anticipate customer’s state of mind; thereby engaging them deeper in humanized conversations.

Consumers are also going to ask for more speed even in the course of product development. Burgeoning advancements in digital technology will allow for much quicker service enhancement and product delivery. The consequence in 2019 of incorrectly developing products or developing the right product at a lackadaisically slow pace will be too devastating. Brands who can unleash fresh digital products in 2019 at rapturous speed will lead the competition better positioned to survive the rapid evolutions in the digital niche.


Consumers will ask more personalized digital experience

With increasing plurality in the number of digital vendors as we have today, customers are getting more selective and demanding VIP treatment. Cases of abandoned purchases are aggressively swelling showing the spontaneity of customers in pulling the plug and zapping out at the slightest discomfort.

More customers will be requesting a personalized digital experience in 2019. They want brands and marketers to nobly treat them with something more of an online concierge who can customize their shopping experience for example.

This tailor-made digital experience would involve deciphering through previous customer activities in making proactive recommendations for future purchases. The recommendations we are referring to here will have to be peculiarly styled to the persona of the individual customer. This is where advanced data analytics vehemently comes into play again as you have a thousand customers asking to be served in a thousand different ways.

Customers want a “Dubai fun trip” when they come to your online stores seeking 0.00001% (minimal) stress. Even leaving them with too many choices to make (say in the absence of simplified recommendations), could irritate them; prompting them to dash out faster than Hamilton’s Ferrari. There again is another regrettable abandoned cart.



So there you are! We have spied into the future beyond the horizons of today into the marketing trends that will set 2019 on fire. This spread through content marketing trends, digital marketing trends, and digital consumer trends. Now formidably equipped with a foresight of what 2019 holds in its locker, you are better placed to make the best of this year. We hope in December, you would look back to this blog in gleaming gratitude for preparing you ahead of time!


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